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Thanks for clicking on my biography page. I’m really flattered that you would want to learn more about me.

I grew up in Pennsylvania and have recently moved from Philadelphia to Saint Petersburg. I split my time between being a freelance artist with my wife, working part time at the Trek Store and ABC Bicycles, and being a full time dad.

Bikes permeate throughout my life. They are liberating, empowering, and essential. The feeling of accomplishment from going places powered by my legs and sense of adventure was something realized as a young child and hasn't diminished with time. I enjoy sharing my knowledge, experience, and passion for bicycles with the community at large (be sure to ask me about bike polo)!

I suppose the most important thing I'd like you to know about me is that I'm easily mistaken for Kasy Zook (we both have excellently shaped heads). I assure you I'm not him! I'd like to think that I'm taller but I've never empirically verified that. I suppose the easiest way to tell us apart is that I don't have ear piercings.

Let's see, what else...I went to Los Angeles one time and I really didn’t like it there. Sorry, L.A.

Also... I love Sourpatch Kids, Haribo Gummi Bears, cola beverages, and kung fu movies.