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Hello! My name is Joe Frontera. I've been with ABC Bicycles since August of 2018, so that kinda makes me the new guy around here. But I'm only new to Florida and ABC, not to bikes. I've been a bike shop professional since 2011. In that time, I've been privileged enough to not only glean information from some of the best mechanics I've ever met, but also to attend Trek's Certified Service Advisor and Certified Technician courses at their headquarters in Waterloo, WI. Here at ABC, I continue to learn from my co-workers…that's one of the best things about working in this industry-you learn something new almost every day.

Moving to Florida was a major cultural change for my family and me; we originally decided to come here to escape Michigan winters, but have come to love the sense of community here in St. Pete! Between the weather, the attitudes and the seemingly never ending supply of local food and pride, it's been a home-run. So far my favorite restaurants are Dead Bob's on Central Ave. (right across the street-convenient!) and Red Mesa Mercado, downtown. I recommend the Pastrami Bob and the fish & chips at Dead Bob's, and the shrimp tacos at Red Mesa Mercado.

My passion for bicycles started when I was a kid, but didn't really bloom until about 2008, when I got my first new "adult" bike. It opened up a whole world of freedom. I dabbled in mountain biking for a while, became a commuter kind of by necessity (turns out when you work at a bike shop, you don't have a lot of time to ride-so I rode to work). In 2012, a customer turned me on to touring, and that has been my cycling passion ever since. It allows me to combine a few really cool things that I happen to love: riding a bike, camping, and meeting new people (everybody wants to know what the crazy guys on the bikes with all the bags are up to). My love for bikes can be summed up by this quote from an unknown source: "Bicycles are a simple solution to all of life's problems."

My personal goal as a mechanic is your safety. I want to make sure that when you ride your bike, your only concerns are having fun and getting there safely. You should have the peace of mind of knowing that your bike is going to get you there and back with no issues (except maybe a flat-those just happen). It's an added bonus that I'm surrounded by a team that shares my passions-not just for bikes, but for safety as well.

I'm excited for my future here. Come to our store, and you'll see why for yourself; the place looks great, and our entire team is stoked just to come to work every day.

Thanks for reading, looking forward to meeting you!!