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A busy Spring! YMCA Healthy Kid Day, Tuesday Evening Women's Rides start April 18th.

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Every Monday  6:45pm-7:55pmyoga classes 01 120X120

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Yoga for Cyclists
This is not yoga for people who want to be able to put their foot behind their head. This is a yoga class for you and me (the inflexible people) the ones that want to be comfortable in our own bodies. More...

womens ride 120x120 Every Tuesday  6:00pm
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Women's Evening Ride - 2018 Rides begin April 17
Join up with a great group of women for an evening ride! More...

womens ride 120x120 Every Saturday  8:00am
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Women's Ride
Join up with a great group of women for a morning ride with just the girls! More...

casual group ride 120x120Every Sunday  9:00am
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Casual Group Ride
Join Debbie on our new casual group ride. We ride 10-14mph and our rides are 12-18miles on the paths and safe St. Pete streets.. More...

Thursday, April 5  5:30pmmaint classes 01 120X120
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Maintenance Class

Don't know your derailleur from your bottom bracket? Intimidated by all the cables, screws, chain rings, and moving parts? No worries, no experience necessary! More...

flat classes 01 120X120 Thursday, April 12  5:30pm
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Flat Class

Learn how to change a flat tire! We’ll show you how to take the wheels off and on your bicycle and how to replace the tube. More...

Thursday April 19 5:30pmback to school 120x120

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Learn How to Clean Your Bike
A clean bike is a HAPPY bike. New addition to our instructional series. .. More...

ymca healthy kidsSaturday April 21 10:00am-1:00pm

YMCA Healthy Kids Day (Outside Event)
Summer is the time for kids to get up, get out and grow. More...

Friday, May 27  6:30pmrestaurant ride 170x120tbsp flag icon 50X48
Restaurant Ride

Join us for our monthly excursion to meet, greet, and Eat! Our destination this month - Ciccio Cali