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Hi there, I am Dan Nelson. I joined the ABC family November of 2018. I retired as a commander with the Maryland State Police in November 2016 and began working at a local Trek store in Easton Maryland where I began my training as a bicycle mechanic.

I currently winter in St. Pete Beach and wanted to continue to improve my mechanical skills and ABC Bicycles has proved to be the perfect place to experience all that cycling has to offer. I have always been mechanical and even built a 1940 Ford hot rod pick up with my daughter.

Cycling has been a passion of mine and each year my wife Kris and I take a long bike tour somewhere in the country riding our Verve 3's all decked out. Most recently (September 2018) we rode from Bar Harbor ME to Boston MA. Due to several on the job injuries I was forced to ride a recumbent bike if I wanted to continue to ride. My road bike of choice is a hi racer Schlitter recumbent and allows me to not only ride comfortably and fast, but also over long distances.

The most important thing about bike riding is not just finding the right bike, but setting up your bike with the proper accessories to get the most out of your ride. ABC can help you really enjoy bike riding again and do so safely. Stop by and say hello.