ABC Bicycles | Trek Bicycles St. Pete

a fidanzato 150x150Judging by my last name you probably guessed how I got interested in bicycles…I'm Rick's wife. For one of our first vacations after we got married, Rick wanted to go with Trek Travel to bicycle our way through the wineries and scenery of Napa Valley. That meant it was time for me to get a real bike.

I hopped on a road bike just to try it out and I loved it. I felt as if I was flying through the empty parking lot. Since then I have enjoyed helping out with the Women's Rides at ABC Bicycles, going on Trek Travel vacations, and riding with lots of new friends.

In 2009 I started practicing yoga, Pilates, as well as riding my bike. For me, the three activities have helped me to be even more comfortable on and off the bike. I find the stretching and strengthening of yoga to compliment the core workout of Pilates. Both help me recover and stay strong for cycling.

Now I am a certified Yoga Instructor and teach Yoga for Cyclists regularly on Monday evenings at the shop at 6:45 pm. I am grateful for the opportunity to share the principles of Yoga and maybe help someone become more comfortable on their bike or in their own skin. I also enjoy helping people find the perfect bicycle for their bodies and their level of activity.